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Bull Lines


Ideal over high Bos Indicus content females.


Perfect over Bos Indicus influenced females.


Keep on and improving your cutting edge composite herd.


For when you want that touch more indicus.


Hybrid Vigour for in all of your herd

Popplewell customers cattle maintain massive amounts of the hybrid vigour (heterosis) due the multi-breed and genomic design of the bulls they use from us. Running a cow without hybrid vigour is like running a truck without oil! It provides cattle with extra fertility, adaptability, growth and resilience

A composite cow herd removes the need to keep inefficient purebred cows to breed crossbred replacement females, meaning more hybrid vigour overall. Its also a lot simpler! 

And Even More Fertility

Our herd is the only herd in Australia with Breeding Values (GenoRatings) for both Yearling Days to Calving (yearling heifer fertility) and Cow Days to Calving with our average herd bulls sold bench marked as being better than the most fertile Composite Sire found by Beef CRC.

Meat Quality

With lower bos indicus, and excellent growth rate and meat quality our customers cattle are fit well into quality beef programs, including the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) system as our cattle are bred to be flat backed, marble well and have adequate fat cover.

Cattle Truly Bred for the Tropics and Subtropics

The Popplewell Composite nucleus cow herd is principally run in coastal South East Queensland Australia in an environment simular Tropical Brasil. The herd is rotationally grazed on Seteria, Kikuya and Rhodes grass based pastures and exposed to tropical parasites. The herd is intensively performance recorded for fertility, birth weight, growth curve, flight speed, parasite resistance and live-ultrasound carcass traits. Semen tested yearling bulls are sold to commercial and bull multiplier herds in Tropical, Arid and Subtropical regions of Australia. All heifers born into the program are first mated as yearlings which is not typical of tropical beef seed-stock herds.

Genetics selected with the best Genomic Technology

Our source of genetic evaluation is GenoRaterTM, which provides us with Genomic Estimated Breeding Values GenoRatings for fertility growth and carcass traits. Genetic diversity is carefully monitored and maintained using a state of the art mate selection program called Total Genetic Resource Manager (TGRM). By maintaining a large gene pool and introduction of only the best new genetics from foundation breeds, we aim to be our customers’ sole source of new and improved self replacing line genetics for both now and the future.

Naturally Polled

Polled cattle offer better animal welfare, lower labour requirements and remove any impact of dehorning on animal welfare and productivity. The Popplewells were early adopters of DNA marker technology to select against horns and are now selecting for specific Poll Genes using world class Genomic Testing that they have validated using their extensive database. 

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