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Bull Lines


Ideal over high Bos Indicus content females.


Perfect over Bos Indicus influenced females.


Keep on and improving your cutting edge composite herd.


For when you want that touch more indicus.


The Popplewells have had the DNA on every animal they have ever bred independently genomic profiled to allow for the most advanced and accurate genetic evaluation. Their database of meticulously taken performance measures and genomic profiles on their and collaborating bull customers’ cattle has allowed the University of Adelaide to conduct a world class Genomic Analysis for them using a custom built program GenoRater™.

GenoRater™ calculates relationships more accurately than conventional pedigree based estimation of breeding values or public bureau ‘single step’ pedigree genomic blending techniques, as our genetic relationships are all calculated from actual genomic profiles on every animal in the analysis. Performance measures of close and distant relatives are proportionately combined with individuals’ own records to calculate for each animal GenoRatings for multiple traits including Heifer Fertility, Cow Fertility, Bull Fertility, Growth Curve Efficiency, Parasite Resistance, Temperament and Carcass Yield and Carcass Quality Traits.

GenoRater™ not only benchmarks cattle within our program to each other, but also bench marks our cattle to purebred lines through the evaluation of progeny common of industry and research sires used in our composite. To top it off GenoRater™ has worked out the value of hybrid vigour and best genomic blends to make it; helping us to optimise animal design and application of bulls to our customers’ herds.

GenoRatings Explained

Balanced IndexMulti-Trait Selection Index (higher = better) (custom indexes available)
Birth weight (kg)Moderate number = easier calving but good survival
400 Day Weight (kg)Larger number = more sale weight
600 Day Weight (kg)Larger number = more sale weight
Eye Muscle Area (cm)Higher number = more meat
Rump Fat (mm)Fat cover at carcass P8 grading
Rib Fat (mm)Carcass Rib Fat cover (important for MSA grading)
Intra-Muscular Fat (Marbling) (%)Larger number = more Marbling in meat
Scrotal Size. (cm)Larger number = more sperm-producing tissue
Flight TimeHigher number = calmer cattle (slower crush exit speed)
Tick ScoreLower number = less ticks
Heifer Days to CalvingNegatives better = less days to calving after daughters joined
Cow Days to CalvingNegatives better = less days to calving after daughters joined
Mature Cow Weight (kg)Moderate number = lower maintenance cows, still with good salvage value


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