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Ideal over high Bos Indicus content females.


Perfect over Bos Indicus influenced females.


Keep on and improving your cutting edge composite herd.


For when you want that touch more indicus.


Customer Testimonials

The unique strength of Popplewell Composites is the wealth of data behind each bull produced. Commercially affordable sires produced and delivered with this level of data represents a truly profitable investment for us.

– Fran and Damien Lyons ~ Basalt River Station, Charters Towers QLD


Working with Popplewell Composites we have learnt that you can have it all – A good looking, solid and fertile herd.Their yearling bulls go out to work. Popplewell Bulls are about professional cattle for professional cattlemen.

– Barry and Leanne O’Sullivan ~ Glenalpine Station, Bowen QLD


Greg’s thoughts towards fertility are unparalleled. The potential of what Popplewell Composites is offering with its genomics is incredible. Research shows fertility is 3 times more important than weight gain and fertility is what Popplewell Composites delivers.

– Alister and Joanne McClymont, AJM ~ Richmond and Gulf of Carpentaria QLD


The Australian Beef Co-operative Research Centre (Beef CRC)

A team of world leading economists and scientists in 2003 calculated that tropical beef composites provide an additional $24 gross margin benefit per Adult Equivalent (AE) stocking unit over purebred bos indicus in a grass fed system by providing extra growth and fertility whilst maintaining a high level of adaptation. They also calculated an additional $43 to $47 gross margin benefit per AE in grain finishing systems through increased rate of weight gain and meat quality grade premiums. Actual beef CRC trials also demonstrated this and a 14% increase in branding rate. Popplewell genetics have been bench marked using CRC reference sires to be even more superior for Fertility, Growth and Carcass traits.

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