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Bull Lines


Ideal over high Bos Indicus content females.


Perfect over Bos Indicus influenced females.


Keep on and improving your cutting edge composite herd.


For when you want that touch more indicus.

Order Today to Secure Bulls for This Season

Each Popplewell bull sold is:

• Genomic benchmarked and rated for multiple economically important traits using GenoRater™
• Independently Bull Breeding Breeding Soundness Evaluated
• Fully Vaccinated (7 in1, Botulism, BEF, Leptospirosis, Pesti, Vibrio, Tick Fever)
• Tested PI-Free for Pesti Virus (BVDV)

Popplewell bulls pass stringent selection criteria sell at yearling age, going out to work in the same season. We find yearling bulls adapt well to their new homes and have longer working lives. The breeding objective for early puberty allows Popplewell to sell yearling bulls that have better sperm than most tropical 2-3 year old bulls sold on the market. They also allow our customers to access our latest genetic advancements sooner. Bulls can be supplied to meet all Australian, State and Territory and JBAS biosecurity herd statuses.


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